What is Libertrip ?

Libertrip is a free, open & collaborative platform to build your trips.

Whether it's a 3 week trip to Peru or next summer's road trip to the US West Coast, travelers build, personalize and share their itineraries to get advice.

How does it work?


1 - First, discover other people's travels to get inspired and decide what to do and where to go.


2- Start your own itinerary: add travel steps, change their order and length, and discover our suggestions.


3- Personalize your trip: add pictures, notes, transportation and accommodation info.


4- Finally, share your trip at any time to get advice about it and inspire other travelers.

How can I share my trip?

You can share your travels at any time, just click on the share button. Simply choose between Facebook share or sending the link to your trip by email.


Tip: The earlier you share, the more your friends can help and give you advice. There is always someone who has been to your destination already.

This is how I discovered I could do an amazing boat trip on Lake Titicaca!

Who can see my travels?

If you signed up with your Facebook account, your friends can easily discover your trips. When creating a trip, you can always choose not to share on Facebook.

If you signed up with your email address or refused Facebook notifications, only people you sent your travel to can see it.

Want to help others? You can publish your trip to the Libertrip inspiration wall.

How do I sign up?

If one of your friends is already on Libertrip, they can invite you personally.

You can leave your email on our homepage and we’ll send your invite as soon as possible.

Once you get your invite, you can sign up with your Facebook account or your email.

Is Libertrip free?

Of course! Libertrip is and will always be free for travelers!

You can create unlimited number of travels and share them with as many friends as you want.

Can I plan for my city breaks with Libertrip?

Yes, you can! However, we created Libertrip for itineraries, so you’ll find more interest for multiple-city travels.