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Terms & Conditions of the WEBSITE

LIBERTRIP advises all USERS to read the following Terms of Use.

WEBSITE management

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The following agreement sets out the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the service provided by the WEBSITE (WEBSITE).

Accepting the invitation and clicking on "I have read and I accept the Terms and Conditions" means that the user acknowledges and accepts the T&Cs of the service and agrees to become a "USER" of LIBERTRIP. LIBERTRIP may modify the T&Cs at any time without any notification to the USERS. USERS should therefore regularly consult the T&Cs and observe the latest version.

Service of the WEBSITE

The USERS can build and plan a travel itinerary by using the WEBSITE. The interface of LIBERTRIP is composed of: a catalog of destinations, a planning area, a Google map, a timeline and an indicative calculation of a budget.

  • The catalog permits the discovery of the possible steps for a destination.
  • The planning area permits the ordering of the itinerary and determines the duration at each given destination.
  • A Google Map indicates the steps added to the planning area.
  • The budget is calculated approximately for the information of the USER.

Privacy and Security

USER data is never disclosed to third parties, whether they be partners of LIBERTRIP or not. The data is used for the operation of the WEBSITE, specifically to assist the USER in the construction of a travel itinerary, or to adapt and enhance the communication of LIBERTRIP.

The trip sharing feature is not compulsory. If the USER chooses to use the sharing feature, LIBERTRIP does not take any responsibility for the dissemination of information about their journey on the internet or any other media.

Account deletion

Any USER may delete their account without any justification or reason by sending a request to: . LIBERTRIP will delete the account and all personal information related to the account as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property

All data of the SITE (including, but not limited to: pictures, drawings, illustrations, video, texts, logos ...) are protected by copyright. The elements are the exclusive property of LIBERTRIP or are licensed under a Creative Commons license. ( ). However, if an element appears to be in conflict with copyright, please follow the policy of notice and withdrawal.

Access to and use of the WEBSITE does not grant you any intellectual property on the elements or services provided by the WEBSITE. The reproduction of a trip planning made on the WEBSITE is authorized for private copying. Any other use is prohibited without written authorization of LIBERTRIP.

As a result, you cannot reproduce by any means whatsoever (except for private use), distribute, publish, transmit, modify or sell all or part of the WEBSITE, nor create derivative works from it.

The mark "LIBERTRIP" , all other trademarks and logos related to LIBERTRIP, registered or not, displayed on the WEBSITE and the domain name "" are the exclusive property of LIBERTRIP. Any reproduction, distribution, transmission, modification or use of these marks is prohibited without written authorization of LIBERTRIP.

Notification and withdrawal policy

If you want to make an objection to an element of the WEBSITE, or if you see an element, which is in conflict with copyright, you must contact us by email:

LIBERTRIP commit, after verification, to remove illegal content as soon as possible.

USERS’ commitment

Any USER who has registered or accepted an invitation to the WEBSITE and accepted the T&Cs is considered a "USER" of LIBERTRIP. To become a USER, an individual must be over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to understand and accept the T&Cs and to use this WEBSITE in accordance with the T&Cs. When subscribing to LIBERTRIP, the USER commits to join with their true identity and to respect the accuracy of their personal information.

To become a USER, an individual is obliged to these T&Cs of the WEBSITE. When registering, the user agrees not to use the services and features of the WEBSITE for any illegal or immoral purpose. The user makes a voluntary action by identifying themselves on the WEBSITE. In the case of a breach of the T&Cs, LIBERTRIP has the possibility to terminate the account of any USER without prior notice and possibly take legal action against him.


The WEBSITE may contain links to other websites. LIBERTRIP is relieved of any responsibility for the content, offers or services offered on those websites.

Contracts and / or business relationships between the user and a third party website are entirely independent of LIBERTRIP and are contracted directly between the user and the provider.

LIBERTRIP recommends that USERS always read and understand the Terms and Conditions of any third-party websites.

Limitation of Liability

LIBERTRIP provides the user with a trip planner. However LIBERTRIP declines any responsibility as for the satisfaction of any goal and for any injury or death, incident or loss directly or indirectly related to the use of the WEBSITE.

The WEBSITE is a planning tool and an informative WEBSITE. The services are not sold and booked by LIBERTRIP. LIBERTRIP is not a travel agency.

LIBERTRIP can not in any way verify the identity of USERS and therefore cannot be held responsible in case of identity theft. If you experience fraud or identity theft, you must inform LIBERTRIP at

The WEBSITE provides the USER with indicative information and a tool for their convenience, but LIBERTRIP cannot be held responsible for any discrepancy, error, viruses, error or outdated information, technical dysfunction of the WEBSITE or features.

LIBERTRIP does not guarantee the correction of any discrepancy, error, viruses, error or outdated information, technical dysfunction of the WEBSITE or features.

LIBERTRIP reserves the right, but without commitment, to add, delete any feature or content without notice.

Applicable law

These T&Cs are governed and interpreted according to French law. The T&Cs were written in French and translated from French. In case of a conflict between the two versions, the French version prevails.

In case of dispute, the Tribunal de Commerce de Lille has exclusive jurisdiction and you agree to acknowledge its exclusive jurisdiction. LIBERTRIP keeps itself the right to seek and obtain injunctions or orders for the defense of its rights according to the T&C.